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Integration Solutions

We are one stop shop for integration solutions, we have readymade integrators/adapters for quicker turn around

At IDS, we provide services to integrate and exchange very sensitive business information between or across applications. Services provided are for B2B integration, application integration or both together in the cloud or on-premise – we offer a unique approach for specific business requirements that adapts your environment.

What sets us different?

Our solutions reduce data integration costs by 35 to 40 percent or more. How?

  • We plan and provide scalable and customizable solutions that are compatible with all applications and platforms
  • Un-matched services and support to reach data integration goals quickly
  • We offer B2B, A2A/EAI, SOA and cloud integration services
  • We employ Best Standards and Practices for development


We know that data and application adapters (also known as data interfaces, or data drivers) are native software objects that allow integration tools to retrieve data efficiently from complex, sometimes proprietary stores of information. The best adapters efficiently convert data or application requests into the native language of the data without requiring custom code, and are reusable through ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC, JCA, Web services, and the likes.

We can help you adopt a well-planned and effective approach to application integration and gain end-to-end application visibility across all systems.