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Personal Injury and Medical Records Review

Organize, Manage, Review

We act as the backbone for Personal Injury Law Firms – providing them solutions for the daily challenges they face and accelerate case processing. We provide Law Firms with

Administrative/ Secretarial Support

  • Remote case intake
  • Correspondence
  • Blue Slip the deadlines/ Statute of Limitation
  • Medical records retrieval through insurance companies & hospitals

Medical Records Support

  • Medical records review and summarization
  • Medical chronologies in narrative and SOAP format
  • Privilege logs
  • Bates stamping
  • Redaction

Legal Support

  • Subpoenas, demand, settlement, complaints and discoveries
  • Scheduling activities – depositions/ hearings/ meetings
  • Deposition Summaries
  • Motions and briefs
  • Disclosures
  • Trial preparations
  • Verdict searches and legal research

while keeping the case and overhead costs low.