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Engagement Models

Our Engagement Models are customized to optimally deliver our services as per the unique requirements of our Clients

We are quite flexible to modify or adapt any new model beneficial to our Clients. Our ultimate goal is to have our Clients see us as their extended team, with same level of commitment and control, while deriving the benefits of offshore cost advantage.

Process-based: Ideal for “Online” delivery model


  • Hiring of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) resources of your choice
  • Hybrid Model
  • Dedicated team
  • Your complete control over the project
  • Data security as per your requirements


  • Extension of your own team
  • Fixed monthly billing with no hidden cost involved
  • Easy to manage your budget

Transaction-based: Ideal for projects with intermittent volume


  • Directly related to ebbs and flows in your business
  • Short duration projects
  • Projects involving subjectivity
  • Per doc and per hour billing
  • TAT based deliverables


  • No investment on hardware
  • Transcends all your operational challenges to us

IDS offers choice of transaction based engagement model:

Per Doc Billing for projects like:

  • Legal Coding
  • Document Review (such as responsive & non-responsive, issue tagging with standard specifications)
  • Contract Abstraction

Per Hour Billing projects like:

  • Document Review (such as privilege review, redactions)
  • Legal Research
  • Summarization Services
  • Document Management Services (such as hyper-linking, bookmarking, image conversion)