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IDS-Legal team completes a Punjabi translation project

IDS-Legal team successfully completed a 1000 page translation project from Punjabi to English and vice-versa. Our team of translators (native Punjabi speakers) and QC’ers (attorneys fluent in Punjabi and English) put in lot of effort to complete the project in just 10 days. The data was a mix of legal documents, emails, land records which needed resources with similar experience. Another challenge was typing in Punjabi, for which we had to hire experts in Punjabi typing. The project, though with lots of challenges, was completed with quality as desired by the client.

IDS-Legal does a quick ramp up for a Document Review project

A team of 20 attorneys successfully completed Document Review project for one of its prestigious clients. The initial team of 5 attorneys was ramped up to 20 contract attorneys within 7 days. This Breach of Contract case required the attorneys to review for Responsiveness, Confidential, Privilege and Hot documents. The team completed review of more than 180K documents in just 40 days.

IDS-Legal creates capability for Arabic Legal Coding

IDS-Legal recently added Arabic Coding as a feather in its cap. Our team of experienced coders and Arabic speakers has delivered a standard bibliographic project with unitization (Logical Document Determination) including both English and Arabic documents.