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Legal Coding

Accurate, Scalable and Integrated into the World of Electronically Generated Documents

We understand the lost art of paper processing. IDS-Legal provides accurate, time-tested services to help the clients retrieve organize and review paper files. We use our proprietary software ΣSIGma based on our concept of SICO (Simple Input Customized Output) to provide Legal Coding services:

  • Document Boundaries Determination
  • Objective Coding
  • Multi-lingual Coding
  • Subjective Coding (also as part of Case Management)
  • In-text Coding (Names and Keywords Coding)
  • Load File Creation

We also provide Document Management Services:

  • Image Bates Capturing and Stamping
  • OCR (English & Foreign Language)
  • Redaction
  • e-Bible
  • Hyperlinking and Bookmark Creation
  • Endorsing
  • Data Entry
  • Image Conversion and Renaming (PDF to TIFF, Multi Page TIFF to Single Page TIFF)

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Our Technology

  • Concordance
  • Our team is also experienced on iConect, VCode, NOMOS
  • Other coding software’s are Relativity, Law PreDiscovery.