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Contract Abstraction

All-Inclusive Abstraction Of Vital Information

Providing a secure legal construction by extracting important dates, clauses and other relevant information using in-house proprietary solution.

IDS-Legal gives a bird’s eye view of the Contracts by offering a secure legal construction through extraction of important dates, clauses and other relevant information. We give you periodic reminders of approaching milestones and obligations. IDS-Legal’s experienced team of attorneys extract pertinent information from the contracts and lessen the business and reputational risks using its in-house proprietary solution or software provided by the Client:

  • Ensuring legal compliance across the Contract Life Cycle
  • Tracking documents and reporting contractual obligations
  • Creating files, alerts, and renewals
  • Customizing reports

We also provide extra labor resource for due diligence with respect to M&A transactions for review and detailed analysis of all key contracts and other documents.