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Keeping the Process Repeatable, Defensible, Efficient and Scalable

IDS-Legal is simply the most effective way to manage your document review needs. We provide custom-tailored review services through legal staffing. We have an experienced and trained team using the most sophisticated technology – efficiently, flexibly and seamlessly by integrating into the client’s existing workflow.

Our attorneys are trained and experienced for providing:

  • Responsive Review: Identifying “hot” documents and/ or applies basic issue coding
  • Privilege Review Support: Privilege analysis and preparation of privilege log
  • Missed Privilege Review: Privilege content missed by the reviewers initially
  • Confidentiality and Privacy Screening: Screening of documents for personal and customer privacy issues, confidentiality reviews for litigation matters
  • Redaction: Redaction for privilege, confidentiality, privacy

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Our Technology

  • Relativity
  • iConect
  • Concordance
  • Zantaz
  • Clearwell
  • Catalyst
  • Case Central